What is Ligtex™ Material?

  • Ligtex™ is a unique and high specification FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastic) material developed by Lignyte Co., Ltd. of Japan with an aim to especially achieve low friction and high durability.
  • It is a laminated composite material fabricated by impregnating substrate of thermoplastics and nonwoven with unsaturated polyester resin having special heat-resistance and then hardened using a heat treatment process.


Besides the advantages of low friction and wear resistance, it has high chemical resistance against both acids and alkalis, enabling it to be widely used in areas where metallic substances cannot be used due to corrosion as well. Furthermore, the specific gravity of Ligtex™ is smaller than that of other conventional FRP material. Even larger size rolls and bearings can be manufactured with lightweight, which means deformation by weight of the roller/bearing itself is minimal and they provide higher precision during use of the end products (rollers/bearings). The weight of Ligtex™ is as light as 1/7 of that of metal. It has excellent sliding property, which allows it to be used in a variety of process liquids, as liquids works well as a lubricant. It can be used in water and even in sea water. Further, its excellent wear resistance as compared to conventional metal, enables its usage in products to secure a long lifetime.


  • High Chemical Resistance against both Acids and Alkalis
  • Low Friction and Excellent Wear Resistanc
  • Minimal Damage to Counter Parts
  • Usable under Oil, Water and even under Sea Water
  • Achievable Light Weight due to its Small Specific Gravity
  • Reliable and Stable Dimensions
  • Long Lifetime

Shape Design

Products such as bush, roller, bearing and liner etc. will be designed and manufactured based on customer’s specification/drawing and supplied as final product.

Possible Size for Production
Pipe Minimum Inner Diameter 25mm
Maximum Outer Diameter 500mm
Standard Length 900mm
Plate Minimum Thickness 2mm
Maximum Thickness 500mm
Maximum Width & Length 900mm x 900mm


Its property of excellent wear resistance allows the material to be used in products required to withstand high loads, such as bearings, rollers, thrust washers, wearing and guide bushes for hydraulic cylinder, etc.

– Wide Range of Application –

  • Roll for Pickling Line
  • Liner for Steel Plant (guide, wiper, apron etc.)
  • Pump Bushing
  • Hydraulic Cylinder
  • Bearing for Papermaking Machine